The Best Cannabis and Food Pairings

The Best Cannabis and Food Pairings

Two things that go amazingly well together are cannabis and food, for various reasons. After all, it’s easy to enjoy the euphoric and relaxing effects of marijuana and it’s just as easy to enjoy engorging yourself with your favorite snacks and meals. However, when you combine both of these things, it’s even better.

One of the reasons that cannabis and food go well together is that using marijuana makes food smell and taste better. THC enhances your senses and activates the brain’s reward circuits, so the experience of eating your favorite foods will be even more enjoyable than usual. Plus, you can also use tasty marijuana edibles that combine the effects of weed with some of the best foods.

On top of that, certain foods can enhance the effects of marijuana. For instance, some make it easier for THC to make its way to your system and have a strong effect. Some simply work well alongside the terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis to give you an enjoyable high. Some give you extra medical benefits. It’s not just foods either- there are plenty of drinks that can enhance your marijuana high.

So what exactly should you be eating while you’re getting high and what should you expect? Here are some of the best cannabis and food pairings that you should try for yourself.

Pairing Cannabis With Mangoes

While many users would prefer to reach for the junk food when the munchies hit, cannabis often goes particularly well with various types of fruits. One of the best cannabis and food pairings that you can try is cannabis and mangoes. These tasty fruits are incredibly refreshing, especially when you’re high. Plus, they’ll even enhance the effects of your weed.

Much like strains of weed, mangoes come packed with naturally-occurring terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds or essential oils that contribute to the taste and smell of plants, as well as offering certain effects and benefits. Mangoes are high in Myrcene, a terpene known for promoting relaxation, pain relief, and better sleep.

As such, using marijuana and eating mangoes can enhance the medical perks of cannabis. Whether you’re looking for powerful relief for pain and inflammation or simply want to sleep better, these two things go well together. Plus, you’ll simply enjoy the juicy and zesty taste of mangoes more after a few puffs of weed.

There are a few ways you can pair cannabis and mangoes. You might want to grab some mangoes and chop them into slices before you get high. Alternatively, a glass of mango juice can go well with your favorite strain of weed. It’s best to use a citrusy strain such as Lemon Jack or Island Punch.

Pairing Cannabis With Mangoes

Pairing Cannabis With Nuts

If you want a healthy snack to munch on when you’re high, then nuts are also a great option. Nuts are packed with vitamins and minerals as well as proteins and healthy fats, making them one of the most enriching and nutritious snacks you can buy. They’re also tasty and you have plenty of different types to choose from. Plus, they can also enhance your high.

Nuts and cannabis go well together because nuts are high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Not only do these fatty acids provide many natural health benefits, but they also bind to cannabinoids easily and help THC pass through the blood-brain barrier quickly. As such, you’ll get high faster when you eat nuts and the beneficial effects will stick around for a while.

Eating nuts while getting high is easy. Simply grab a bowl of peanuts, cashews, pine nuts, or almonds and enjoy a few before and during your smoke session. Remember that nuts are high in calories and you won’t want to eat too much- they’re a healthy snack and it doesn’t take too much to fill you up.

As for which strain you should use, you might want to go with a stimulating sativa strain. After all, nuts can stimulate cognitive function, making them a great companion to strains that offer mental stimulation. Popular choices include Silver Kush and Harlequin.

Pairing Cannabis With Tea

Many food products go great with cannabis, but one of the best cannabis and drink pairings is cannabis and tea. There are tons of ways to enjoy this refreshing pairing and along with the medical perks of cannabis, you’ll also get plenty of natural benefits from drinking tea.

Tea is full of healthy components, including Vitamin E and various antioxidants. Interestingly, tea is high in antioxidants called catechins that bind to CB1 receptors in the brain to provide calming effects. Combine this with the relaxing effects of cannabis and you have a match made in heaven.

Various types of tea can go well with weed. Green Tea is particularly great since it’s high in catechins, but Chamomile Tea and Lemon Honey Tea are other refreshing options that are full of health benefits. As for which strain to use, pairing tea with a soothing indica strain is perfect if you’re using weed to relax, relieve pain, or improve your sleep.

Pairing Cannabis With Tea

Pairing Cannabis With Sweet Potatoes

One of the more interesting cannabis and food pairings that can help enhance your high is cannabis and sweet potatoes. While you won’t be in the mood to peel and cook sweet potatoes when you’re high, sweet potatoes are ideal to eat before your smoking session to get greater benefits from your weed.

Sweet potatoes are high in healthy components such as Vitamin E and a wealth of B Vitamins. Since they help boost serotonin production in the brain, they work particularly well alongside the mood-boosting effects of marijuana. Sweet potatoes also help boost your cognitive function and can give you an extra burst of mental energy and focus.

You might want to cook some mashed sweet potatoes or sweet potato fries before you get high to feel the mentally-stimulating and uplifting effects of cannabis even more. You might even want to grab some sweet potato chips to enjoy when the munchies kick in. While many strains will work well with this pairing, the stimulating effects of sativa strains are ideal.

Pairing Cannabis With Wine

If you want to spice up your high, you might want to combine cannabis with alcohol. While consuming too much alcohol and smoking weed will leave you in a hazy and unpleasant state, drinking a glass or two of wine while smoking a joint is an incredible pairing that’s thoroughly enjoyable.

Red wine is surprisingly healthy. As long as you use it in moderation, it can help with your cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of various health complications. These benefits go well with the health benefits of marijuana.

If you need more reasons to enjoy wine with cannabis, then one study revealed that drinking even a small serving of alcohol can significantly enhance your high. Combining alcohol with cannabis increased THC levels in the blood, so drinking wine before you smoke can help induce a unique high.

Plus, with so many varieties of wine and so many strains of cannabis to choose from, there are plenty of fun pairings to try out. You might want to combine a rich and fruity strain like Black Diamond with a delectably berry-inspired red wine. You could also combine a glass of White Wine with a sweet and earthy strain such as Sugar Shack.

Pairing Cannabis With Wine

Pairing Cannabis With Chocolate

If you’re looking for a pairing that’s going to make you exceptionally happy and satisfied, then try pairing cannabis with chocolate. After all, chocolate is known to induce happy feelings just like weed. Not to mention all kinds of chocolatey snacks that can hit the spot just right when you get the munchies.

While you might not associate chocolate with health benefits, it’s surprisingly helpful. Research shows that cocoa and chocolate have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can also help boost your mood and cognitive function. Of course, you’ll get more benefits out of rich dark chocolate than something more sugary. Nonetheless, all kinds of chocolate can go well with cannabis.

Since both weed and chocolate have a positive effect on your mood, using these together will result in a happy and satisfying high. You might want to grab a chocolate bar for your next smoking session or even make some hot cocoa. You can even take things a step further and make Weed Brownies at home for a chocolatey treat packed with THC.

Pairing Cannabis With Grapes Or Berries

If you’re looking for something simple yet effective, try using cannabis along with grapes or berries. After all, many strains of cannabis contain the same terpenes you’d find in these fruits. Using them together can result in greater health benefits and an enjoyable experience overall.

Grapes and berries are full of vitamins and antioxidants so they always make for a good option when you’re looking for something healthy to eat. Plus, it’s easy to snack on a bowl of grapes or berries while you’re getting high. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and grapes are all great options and you could even mix them all in a smoothie.

There are plenty of fruity marijuana strains that go well with grapes and berries so you won’t be short on options. You might want to try Lemon Sorbet, Lime Pie, or Banana Split. All of these pair well with fruits and will give you a sensational high.

Pairing Cannabis With Grapes Or Berries

Pairing Cannabis With Cookies

While certain types of foods and drinks will help you maximize the health benefits of cannabis, other types are simply much more enjoyable to eat while you’re high. If you’re not worried about eating healthy snacks and simply want a delicious snack for when the munchies kick in, then it doesn’t get much better than combining cannabis and cookies.

Cookies are always a delicious snack, but eating them while you’re high will make these sugary and doughy treats taste even better. Whether you prefer regular chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, or something fancier, you’ll enjoy the flavor even more after the effects of THC hit you. Not to mention, they do a great job of hitting the spot and filling you up when you’ve got the munchies.

Of course, you won’t want to go too overboard with cookies. Although research suggests that cannabis can boost your metabolism and won’t necessarily make you gain weight, it’s always best to use junk food with cannabis in moderation. With that said, if you need an enjoyable pairing, eat cookies while you’re smoking a strain like Cookie Wreck or Orange Cookies.

Pairing Cannabis With Gummies

Another great pairing for users who aren’t too worried about health benefits and simply want something to enjoy when they have the munchies is cannabis and gummies. After all, gummies are always a tasty snack and you’ll enjoy the sweet, fruity flavors more when you’re high on marijuana.

You can find many sweet-tasting cannabis strains that are perfect to smoke while you’re treating yourself to some sugary candies. You might want to use a strain such as Lemon Jack, especially as the stimulating effects make it great for pairing with gummies. However, pretty much any strain will do.

If you want to enjoy the taste of gummies and the effects of cannabis in one, you can also buy cannabis gummies in many forms. Whether you prefer Gummy Fishes, Peaches, Coke Bottles, or Sour Keys, there are plenty to choose from. Each of these gummies is packed with a good dose of THC and edibles give you a strong and long-lasting high, so eat one at a time and enjoy the experience.


There are all kinds of snacks and drinks that go well with the flavors and effects of various strains of weed, but these are some of the best cannabis and food pairings out there. Users who want to maximize the health benefits of cannabis should use mangoes, berries, nuts, or even wine alongside your favorite weed strain. Of course, there are also plenty of tasty snacks that simply quench your munchies like gummies or cookies.

No matter what kind of food you prefer to eat while you’re getting high, you can find a wide variety of cannabis strains online to go with your favorite snacks and meals. You can also buy marijuana edibles online if you’re looking for a tasty treat packed with the effects of THC. Various other cannabis products are also available at BudExpressNow.


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