Top 5 Songs About Weed

Top 5 Songs About Weed

There is almost nothing better than getting high along side a playlist of killer songs. Unless of course, your playlist is full of weed inspired tracks. Make your next sesh a more enjoyable experience by downloading the 5 songs we’ve listed before. You can thank us later.

James Joint by Rihanna

Rihanna’s love for marijuana has never been a secret. From her blunt smoking Instagram posts to her cannabis leaf printed clothing, and now a song off her latest album ANTI. The first lines she sings off this track are: “I’d rather be smoking’ weed every time we breathe”. It’s short and sweet, has got a funky feel and tons of funky keyboard.

Stoner by Young Thug

This layered track blends rap, electronic beats and electric guitar into the perfect pothead anthem. The super catchy line “I’m a stoner” gets repeated proudly by Young Thug too many times for us to count throughout the song. The music video features Thug’s friends in desperate need of some visine and has a hazy look thanks to the tons of cannabis clouds.

Crumblin’ Erb by Outkast

It’s almost a decade old, but the message still rings true. The best thing, and sometimes the only thing you can do when things get tough is to crumble some herb. This super smooth, old school hip hop song encourages you to chill out and keep doing you.

Marijuana by Kid Cudi

In this super chill song, Kid Cudi pretty much professes his love for pot. It’s slower beat makes it the ideal track to stick near the beginning of a playlist, and the speedy raps and epic guitar solos just make it awesome.

Get Lit by A$AP Rocky

For a trippy track to take you to the height of your own trip, this is the song for you. Electronic beats accompanied by low pitched slow mo audio and echoed vocals are just some of the intricate layers you’ll pick up listening to this one.

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