Top Weed Strains Grown in Canada

Top Weed Strains Grown in Canada

Why does Canada have some of the best weed in the world? As one of the most forward-thinking countries in the world when it comes to awareness and legalization of cannabis, Canada has a comparatively long history of cannabis growing and experimentation. That’s why today, it lays claim to some pretty popular (and rightfully so) strains of weed. This should be no surprise, given that growing weed in Canada is such a big business that’s bound to get even bigger, especially with recreational use now fully decriminalized.

Looking for the top Canadian weed strains? You’re in luck. Here are the most popular strains of cannabis with origins in the great north.

Most Popular Strains in Canada

Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk, also known as ISS, has west coast origins in BC. (This will be a recurring trend in this list.) In fact, it’s one of the few true sativas that can be grown to full maturity on Vancouver Island. This is pretty special, as the microclimate on the island is extremely particular and growers tend to not have a lot of success. (Thanks by the way for ISS, Federation Seeds.) As its name suggests, Island Sweet Skunk has a citrus-y sweet flavour, which comes from the Sweet Pink Grapefruit part of this cross. The other part of its genetics comes from the infamous Big Skunk #1, which brings the skunky and funky (and a dash of cinnamon and cedar).


As you can probably guess from the name, there’s a cancer component to this particular strain. While no one has ever proved this to be true, the story goes that Chemo was developed back in the ‘70s by botanists at UBC who wanted to create a cannabis strain that helps ease chemo patients’ pain and nausea. That might be why Chemo and its sedative effects are quite popular for people who experience serious illnesses (including lack of appetite), putting it in the running for the strongest weed in Canada.

White Widow aka. Jean Guy

With a nickname like Jean Guy, the renowned White Widow strain of weed is from, yes you guessed it, Montreal. Its intensity might be a bit much for people who are just looking to fall asleep more easily, but nevertheless, it’s a great fit for people looking for more traditionally medicinal benefits. Its popularity might come from the fact that it features nerolidol, a terpene that just so happens to occur in lavender, lemongrass, ginger, jasmine, and tea tree as well. (Like your favourite soaps, nerolidol also has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antifungal properties.)

God Bud

What would it feel like to be God? Another BC product, God Bud is an indica-dominant high-intensity strain that promotes feelings of relaxation and euphoria. This award-winning flower and contender for best weed in Canada blends Purple and Hawaiian Skunk, and contains up to 27% THC. Try this one if you experience depression, don’t have much of an appetite, or have trouble falling asleep.

Barbara Bud

If you didn’t know, British Columbia has an abundance of good weed. And Barbara Bud, an indica-dominant hybrid, is just another one of them. A product of BC’s House of the Great Gardener, it contains up to 19% THC, which isn’t too crazy. This makes it good for newbies and people looking for a less intense high.

The Best Canadian Outdoor Strains

If you’re into growing your own cannabis (outdoors), we’ve got a few recos for you too. Canada’s climate is pretty unique throughout the different regions—and can get pretty wet once you hit October, which limits the strains that you can try to grow, especially outdoors. So how you can minimize mold and other climate-related problems? By trying these strains.

Manitoba Poison

An easy one to grow, plus it’s pretty mold-resistant, though the potency is only okay. Even so, if you’re new to outdoor growing, Manitoba Poison is a good option to try, as most outdoor strains aren’t crazy potent.

Texada Timewarp

Also very mold-resistant and resilient in the face of bad weather.

Fast Girl

An overall solid strain of weed that’s mold-resistant that’s also good for beginner outdoor growing enthusiasts.


Probably the best strain for the constantly changing Canadian climate, Freezeland is among the most mold-resistant outdoor strains, and will grow well even in somewhat extreme (for Canada) conditions, whether it’s clammy and cold or humid and warm.

A Quick History of Medical Weed in Canada

As the world now knows, recreational weed is legal in Canada as of October 2018. Medical weed, however, has been legal in Canada for much longer than that—since 2001, to be exact.

The idea for decriminalizing possession was actually introduced back in 2003 by the Liberal government and again in 2004, but it was defeated both times. Of course, once the Conservatives got their minority government in 2006, this was dropped altogether.

Side-note: There are also “cannabis refugees”—people who have been persecuted in their own countries for using cannabis (usually in the United States) who have come to Canada for asylum.

Where to Buy Weed in Canada

There are many online weed stores in Canada offering the best in sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. Many shops offer free shipping and bonuses just for ordering with them, so look around, read some reviews, and start shopping. Here are a few ideas to start you off.

Ed ‘N Bills – A Canadian online edibles shop with yummy gummies, chocolates (Rice Krispies, anyone?), and more

Bud Express Now – An online cannabis mail-order service distributing high quality medical marijuana to Canadians quickly, discreetly, and with top notch customer service.


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