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Top Reasons Why Medical Marijuana Is Better Than Many Chemical Based Medicines

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the use of medical marijuana and several people are unable to understand the use of marijuana as a medicine and not a recreational drug. So, let us talk about how and why is medical marijuana better the pain killers that people are more likely to consume innocently. First of all let us make it clear that medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are two different concepts altogether.

There are several types of marijuana that cannot even get a person to be high. These are ideal for medical purposes. Let us now talk about why medical marijuana is better than some medicines:

1. Improves neurological functions– Researches have shown that medical marijuana can lead to increased neurological functions that can even be beneficial in patients of stroke and similar ailments.

2. Eases Pain– Medical marijuana is mostly used in cases where it is required to ease the pain of the patients. Medical marijuana is a natural product that is better than most chemical based pain killers that might have several side effects.

3. Side effects of pain killers– There are many pain killers that have a huge number of side effects. These side effects include constipation, mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, severe headaches and so on. These are due to the excess of chemical ingredients of the pain killer medications. On the other hand, medical cannabis hardly has any side effects and is considered definitely safer than other forms of pain killers.

4. Growth of tumors– Studies have shown that there may be a link between pain killer medicines that are prescribed to cancer patients with the growth of tumors. Here too medical marijuana comes to the rescue and subsides the pain without the ill effects.

5. No addiction– Though it has been seen that patients get addicted to pain killer medicines over time and have to increase their dosage regularly because they get so used to the dosage that the medicine stops working on them. On the other hand, studies on those taking medical marijuana have shown that they do not get addicted to it and neither do they need to increase dosage to get effects of the same.

So, if medical marijuana is what you think will suit you better than pain killers then you should definitely consider trying it with full consultation with your physician. If you are looking to buy weed online in Canada then the best place to do it would be Here you will be able to access all kinds of medical grade marijuana and cannabis that will be great for all kinds of illnesses.

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