Top Strains for Spring

Top Strains for Spring


Find the best strains for spring to celebrate the new budding life and dreary weather. We often change as the seasons do, so we recommend you try something fresh and new to excite your palette. At Bud Express, we offer an incredible selection of strains to suit every need and person. We’ve created a list of our all-time spring strain must have’s for you.

Strain for Mega Relaxation and Chilling

Step out of your winter hibernation slowly and calm with Super Skunk. This incredibly dense indica strain is the baby of Skunk #1. However, it’s surprisingly sweeter thanks to its Afghani genes. It’s been graded a whopping 100 percent on the relaxation scale making it extremely effective for calming the body and mind. It creates a very deep and bold high that takes you straight into the chill zone. Use this strain to settle onto a bench in the park for a date between you and some music. We even recommend it to fall asleep with.

Strain for Patio Season

9ijWhat is more exciting about spring than the resurrection of patio season? It is undeniably one of the highlights of the still cool-ish warm weather. Gather your friends for an epic catch-up or someone special for some romance and get your hands on some California Orange. The citrusy smell and flavour is incredibly fresh and equally mouth watering. This hybrid is known for it’s upbeat and clear-headed high which makes it ideal for conversations in the sun with snacks. Interestingly, larger doses of C.O have been known to replicate the high of an indica. Dose accordingly!

Strain for Spring Cleaning

If you’re not super excited by the thought of an afternoon cleaning, you might need an extra boost. Maui Wowie is a pure sativa strain from Hawaii that ranks high the motivation scale. Also, tons of users report feeling increased happiness and overall mood, making it the perfect companion for getting things done. It’s super sweet and fruity notes also make it one of the perfect strains for spring.

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