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What You Need for The Ultimate Sesh

Wanna get high or whaaaaat? No reason or excuse needed, it’s 2019! If you want to get high, it’s your god-given right. Ever since weed was legalized here in good ol’ Canada, your option for getting high has increased. From picking your strand of choice to deciding how you’d like to consume to deciding what to do while high, a simple smoke (or vape) sesh can be overwhelming and we’re here to help you optimize your experience. And so, we’ve put together a guide to make it as nice and relaxing as possible for both beginners and experienced users. Sit back, relax, and let us help you get high AF!

1. Choosing the right bud:

Not only should you be picking wisely when deciding who you’ll be seshing with but what you’ll be using and smoking, too. (If you’re getting high alone, mad respect!) It’s important to calibrate the strand you’re picking to the activities you’re planning. Indica and sativa are the two main varieties of the cannabis plant, each with opposite effects on the mind and body. If you’re looking for a daytime smoke, you’d be better off with a sativa-based strand, as it increases focus and creativity. A strand like Purple Haze would do the trick, providing “high-energy cerebral stimulation that awakens creativity and blissful contentment throughout the day”.

ultimate sesh

An after-work smoke sesh is a little different. If you want to just watch a movie, melt into your couch and fall asleep, an indica strand would be right for you. It’s great for night time use, as it is relaxing, great for insomnia and decreases nausea and pain. Strands like Girl Scout Cookies or Black Diamond are Netflix’s best friends. Another element to look at when picking your strand of choice is the THC and CBD counts and their opposite effects on the mind and body. While THC has more psychoactive effects and can make you feel noticeably high, CBD is more likely to make you feel mellow and relaxed. It’s important to note that while THC can cause paranoia, CBD is more likely to calm you and send you into a nice slumber.

Once you have picked your weed, before you consume it, it’s important to inspect to tell if it’s a good quality product. From a rich pungent smell to rich green colour, your weed should be trimmed with an appearance in line with the strand you purchased. While sativa buds are often fluffier with visible stems and little orange/red hairs, indica should be denser with a tight structure. Be sure to do a proper inspection before smoking up to prevent some major disappointment with some truly dank weed.

2. Picking a Method:

Ok, you have your product and you’re ready to smoke up. Or are you? Maybe you’re not great at rolling joints and would rather use a vape pen or consume edibles? From gummy bears to chocolate bars, there are so many different ways to consume marijuana.

Rolling papers are used to roll joints and blunts and are made in different sizes with different materials. If you’re a beginner, grab a hemp paper like Justin Beaver: easy to roll and light. If you’re an expert roller and want a flavourless smoke, try a rice paper but note that they’re harder to find. If you’re smoking in a social setting, be sure to buy larger papers to share with your buds.

Maybe you want to channel your inner Gandalf and smoke up with a hand pipe instead? Yes, they evoke Lord of the Rings, but they can be hard on the lungs. While bongs and bubblers can be harder to hide from your roommates, they’re much easier on the throat. From efficient salvagers to brilliant Einsteins, smoking through a bong can be cooling and refreshing, and feel like beautiful work of art.

Lastly, it’s extremely tempting to succumb to peer pressure and join that vape life. With flavoured oils and sleek pods, it’s so easy to charge and toke on the go. Bloom kits are extremely reliable while Culture pens are disposable and odourless. The possibilities are endless!

3. Creating an Itinerary

Here’s a strange idea: Treat your high like a trip to a foreign city. Create an itinerary for yourself. Pack your day full of activities and optimize your experience. Whether you’re alone or with a bud, here are some ideas of what to do:

● Watch a Movie: Whether it’s a Seth Rogen stoner comedy (Pineapple Express is a classic, Knocked Up is fun, too) or a complex mindbender (we recommend Pulp Fiction, Inherent Vice or Gasper Noe’s Love), getting high and watching a movie is a delight. Certain strains are better than others for movie watching so be strategic. Nothing quite like a movie matching your mood. Cartoons are dope too – personal faves include Rick and Morty, Adventure Time and Futurama.

● Get Creative: Whether you’re scrapbooking, drawing, or painting, a little bit of cannabis can help loosen you up and get those creative juices flowing. Some artists are high constantly, believing that it helps increase their creativity and allows them to be free in their creation process.

● Chill Out: Stoner music isn’t dying, folks! From Bob Marley to Lil Wayne, Bob Dylan to Black Sabbath, there are hundreds of lists, playlists, all to accompany your weed-induced journey. Sometimes, you just need to chill out, close your eyes and let the music take overrrrr.

● Be One With Nature: GTFO of the house, people. Sure, it’s still Winter but not for long. Put your boots on, go to a park, and be free! Nothing like a little wind on your face. Be sure to bring snacks cause you might get hungry.

● Cook Up A Storm: Speaking of, making a meal while high can be challenging (please, be safe) yet also very rewarding. Don’t just settle for that bag of chips, you deserve a gourmet meal, good sirs and madams. Pesto pasta with a little CBD? Don’t mind if I do!

● Smoke Up with Your Grandfather: This radio story about a 21-year-old seshing with his 80-year-old Zaidie / soul mate is sure to brighten your day and warm your heart.

There are truly unlimited options of things you can do whilst high. It’s important to remember that there are no right and wrong decisions. It’s best to listen to your body and decide what’s best for you. If that means taking a four-hour nap, so be it.


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