All about wake and bake

All About Wake and Bake

The day has come. The day you’ve been waiting for all week, the day full of promises and opportunities. What is it you ask? Your day off. Whether you’ve planned to do absolutely nothing today or you have an exciting list of things planned to do, doesn’t start the day with a successful wake and bake sound good? A wake and bake is exactly what it sounds like- waking up and then getting high. Ideally, this is achieved while still cozy in bed and in your pj’s, but it isn’t 100% necessary. If you really have to pee first thing in the morning, we won’t hold it against you. A common fear that people share is that they’ll become super sleepy and lose all motivation to start the day if they smoke first thing in the morning. Is there a way to wake and bake without getting tired? And, is there anything that you can do to make it extra epic. The answer to both questions is a big fat yes. Keep reading to find out.

The Science Behind Waking Up

Scientists have known about the biological clock in humans and animals for decades, but the exact process and mechanisms that govern our sleep and waking is not yet totally understood. A research team led by Matthieu Flourakis did their best to better understand the topic and published a paper in the journal, Cell. What they discovered is that our biological clock is related to the body’s sodium and potassium levels and channels. They claim that we can change our biological clocks to better suit our lifestyle, or to achieve our ideal lifestyle. The paper stressed the importance of creating a calm sleep environment, sleeping and waking at the same time each day, and developing a sleep and wake routine. So we propose making weed a part of that ritual.

How to Prepare for a Wake and Bake

To allow yourself to really and relax and enjoy your wake and bake, be 100% sure that you know what the following morning looks like for you. There is hardly anything worse that getting high at your mind at 9:00 a.m only to suddenly remember that you have a presentation at 10:00 a.m. The secret to stressfree experiences is to do as much prep the night before, so you can really just chill in the morning. Decide what you’re having for breakfast, lay out your ingredients, or even just decide where you’ll be ordering it from. Gather all of the things that you need and have them ready for you in your room. This might be Bluetooth speakers, your book, your laptop, a journal, or whatever else that you might want to do or use once you’ve made it to the clouds.

Pick the Right Strain

If you’re wondering how to wake and bake without getting tired, or how to wake and bake before work or school, the answer lies in a wise choice of strain. For most, this means opting a sativa or a sativa-hybrid strain over an indica. Indica strains tend to have sedative properties that leave the body feeling heavy or tired. But indicas can be quite invigorating and even boost motivation and creativity. The best strains to wake and bake are:

Do the Things You Love

To really make the most out of your morning sesh, plan in advance what you’d like to do. If you’re less of a planner and want to just go with the flow, by all means, you do you. We recommend creating or finding a playlist that is full of upbeat tunes that’ll help put you in a great mood.

Fuel Your Body

Everything tastes better when you’re high- it’s a fact. Give yourself permission to eat your favorite things (in moderation of course), and keep a variety of snacks handy. If you’re nervous about getting groggy or lethargic, pay attention to what you’re feeding your body. Stay away from heavily processed and packages food and opt for nutrient dense and delicious fuel instead.

It’s also crucial that you stay hydrated with some good ol’ fashioned water. Keep a full water bottle or a glass of water next to your bed before you fall asleep and drink it before you sesh. Make sure to get the recommended amount of water your body and brain need throughout the day.

Benefits of Wake and Bake

We know for a fact that developing some sort of morning routine gets out better suited to start the day and has dramatically positive effects on our well being. Starting the day consistently with a toke gives your body and brain the benefits of sticking to a ritual. And let’s be real, waking up can be hard. Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to wake up, especially in the dark and cold winter months. What if there were something that you could look forward to doing, something that would get you excited to get up and start the day? Well let us be the first to tell that there is, and her name is Mary Jane. There’s also, of course, the obvious benefit that you’d be starting the day on a high note. Seshing in the morning can be the perfect way to get you feeling good and can set the tone for the rest of your day. Opting for an energy-boosting sativa strain can also be a strong enough reason to skip out on your morning coffee, and maybe consider scaling back on your caffeine intake.

We’re sure that as marijuana becomes legalized across more parts of the world that more information on our favourite green friend will become available. In the meantime, we’ll take what we can get in the form of anecdotes and expert stoner advice.


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