Weed Can Boost Creativity

Weed Can Boost Creativity

Many of the world’s most creative minds have attributed some of their success to pot, claiming that weed can boost creativity. People all over the world have played with substances like caffeine, alcohol and other drugs to alter their state of mind. However, more and more people believe that cannabis sparks creativity more than many other substances out there. Marijuana may also increase the use of one’s imagination and help create original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Cannabis and the Neural Network

The brain is a neural network that transports information. It assists in everything we do such as creating ideas, moving and breathing. When you introduce marijuana (particularly THC) into the equation, the cannabinoids found both in the neural network and in the cannabis interact in an interesting way. The neurons don’t break after a thought has been transported. Instead, the neurons continue to fire which can lead to extreme focus on a particular idea.


These same cannabinoids also release dopamine into the brain. This leads to feelings of euphoria, relaxation, pain regulation and a general enhanced feeling. This coupled with focusing on a particular subject can lead to a hyper creative response. This calm, euphoric feeling Dopamine is known to produce has lead to countless creations. Many report reduced inhibitions and a quieted ‘inner editor’ which can sometimes stifle a great idea from being created. In this way, weed can boost creativity by removing self-created limitation.

Frontal Lobe

Cannabis is also known to increase brain activity in the frontal lobe which is responsible for things like musical talent, creative thinking and motor skills. Cannabis may help individuals break free of the constraints of current realities and to help stimulate their creative drive. It’s also important to note that the release of dopamine can increase the use of once verbal fluency as it increases mesolimbic pathway in the frontal cortex.

Psychoactivity and THC

TCH is the primary psychoactive element in medical marijuana that also help spur a creative imagination. Cannabis produces psychotomimetic symptoms, which in turn might lead to connecting seemingly unrelated concepts. This can help with outside the box thinking and solve problems using creative thinking

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