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Benefits of Having Your Weed Delivered (It’s Awesome)

Having weed delivered to your door benefits you a whole lot. Gone are the days of having to put on pants and walking to a dispensary to get weed. With a whole host of options online, weed (any cannabis products, really, from edibles to vaping gear) is just a Google search away.

Often, it’s cheaper because online dispensaries don’t have added costs like renting or leasing a storefront and the stuff that comes along with it, like paying for security and storage. Another benefit is that you won’t have to check every day if your local dispensary just got raided or worse, got shut down for good. Sure, we may be a bit biased—but the perks of having your weed delivered are real. Here are a few.

The Benefits of Weed Delivery

1. You can order 24/7.
Probably the best thing about ordering weed online is that you can make an order anytime of day (or night). Didn’t get out of bed yet? Didn’t put on pants yet? Just buy it on your phone. If you have social anxiety or are literally so sick that you can’t get out of the house, you can get it sent straight to your door without leaving your home. It’s that convenient.

2. It’s discreet.
No one will see you walking into a dispensary. Ever. Yes, the stigma of cannabis is slowly eroding and people are becoming more tolerant, but sometimes… it’s just awkward explaining to a coworker or family member that hey, you enjoy an edible once in a while. If you’re not ready to take that step yet, ordering weed online will make it easier for you to keep stuff to yourself.

3. There’s a huge selection.
Hundreds of thousands of different products at your literal fingertips. That’s what online shopping basically is. When you buy online, you won’t have to worry about your local dispensary running out of fresh stock because if one site doesn’t have it, you can always try another one. Plus, there are so many reviews out there for so many different products that it’s easy to try something new when you feel like it.

4. It’s going to be priced competitively.
No storefronts to rent or lease, no security cameras to install, no in-store employees to hire—there are definitely cost savings for dispensaries that operate exclusively online. And usually, these savings get passed on to you, the consumer, meaning you’ll be paying either the same, or less, for cannabis online. Which is awesome.

5. The bonus perks.
Here’s the thing with online dispensaries. They know that they’re unproven. They know that you’re probably going to be wary of buying from an unknown online store at a time when cannabis is legal…ish.

That’s why many online weed shops will offer free goodies like signup bonuses and first-purchase add-ons to reward you for giving them a try. Take advantage of these and scope out which dispensaries have a reputation for good customer service (especially for first-time buyers). You might just get some free samples out of it.

Your 4-Step Guide to Getting Weed Delivered

Online weed delivery is actually as easy as it sounds. Although it’s not legal quite yet for recreational consumption, there are a variety of websites that you can use to get marijuana delivered.

1. If you’re looking to get weed delivered to your door, you’ll probably want to start by Googling “weed delivery near me.” Even if companies ship internationally, the shipping times are usually more accurate for local delivery (and the product is probably fresher since it’s going on a less complicated journey). Meaning if you live in Canada, look for online weed delivery from Canadian sites. It just makes life easier.

2. Start browsing! After a good round of online shopping, you’ll (hopefully) have found something you want to try. Canadian weed delivery is generally decent, but make sure the dispensary you’re browsing is reputable and has good reviews (meaning don’t just look at testimonials on their site—look on Google and other third-party sites too to make sure you’re getting real reviews).

3. Place your order. The moment of truth: time to take that online shopping cart, enter your credit card information, and check out. Again, you’re paying with your credit card here, so make sure the dispensary you’re buying from is credible.

4. Watch for your package in the mail. Sit tight and wait (hopefully not too long) for your bud, oils, or edibles. Getting cannabis delivered has literally never been easier.

Online Weed Delivery Red Flags

Bad reviews
This is the first big red flag you should look for. If a dispensary has bad reviews—or no reviews—you should probably keep looking. It’s not the end of the world if the shop doesn’t have online reviews (it’s not as bad as having a bunch of angry customers talking about you online), but just know that this means it’s probably a newer, less-established shop and that the quality could be really good… or really bad. Either way, you’ll be the first to know.

Shady website
If the dispensary website looks like it’s really poorly designed or is difficult to navigate, it’s best to stay away. A website is pretty much the storefront for an online dispensary—would you walk into a real-life dispensary if it weren’t well maintained? Nah, you’d keep walking. Same goes for online cannabis shopping. This is where your credit card information is going to go, so make sure the site (at the very least) looks like it’s secure.

Unresponsive customer service
Good customer service is often what differentiates a good dispensary from a great dispensary. It’s also a sign of whether or not you’ll have quick answers if, say, your delivery doesn’t arrive on time or you’ve received the wrong products. A good way to test out a new dispensary is to send them a question (whether through email or live-chat) and see how long it takes for them to answer. If it’s a detailed answer that was written with care, that’s a good sign.

Too-good-to-be-true prices
This is a tricky one. Most people would flock to an online dispensary that has awesome, cheap prices. But watch out if the prices seem too good to be true—they probably are. Could the shop be skimping on quality to offer these prices? It’s possible. To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, make sure everything else lines up (good reviews, responsive customer service, etc.).

The Health Benefits of Weed
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