Weed Friendly Cities Across the World

Weed Friendly Cities Across the World

If you’re a stoner who likes to travel, you need this list of weed-friendly cities across the world. On your journey to becoming cultured, don’t forget the best culture- culture! Traveling to cities that are pro-pot usually means access to legal marijuana. Talk about convenient! Also, these cities will have strong cannabis communities, which means you’ll have access to tons of friends. It’s important to know that in some places across the world, possession of cannabis is a crime. But the cities on this list will accept your stoner habits with open arms.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is possibly the best-known stoner destination in the world. Tourists know this European city for the red-light district and the infamous “coffee shops”. In fact, 25 to 30 percent of tourists will spend some time in a coffee shop buying over the counter weed and getting high. Despite these well known dispensaries, marijuana is an illegal substance in The Netherlands. However, the police in Amsterdam turn a blind eye to marijuana possession under 5g.

Vancouver, Canada

The province of British Columbia is considered Canada’s weed capital. Why? The high-quality cannabis is simply unbeatable. Personal use of marijuana in Canada has been decriminalized, but full legalization will be put into effect by the end of 2018. There is fortunately no shortage of dispensaries to choose from, and of course, an incredible amount of strains.  This is our number one recommendation for you outdoorsy stoners because the nature in Vancouver is just incredible.

Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles, California has been setting cannabis trends for years. California legalized marijuana recreationally earlier this year, and things have seriously blown up in the pot world since then. It’s quickly become one of the top weed-friendly cities in the world. There are tons of dispensaries and cannabis shops scattered all over the state. Also, we’re starting to see more and more weed friendly restaurant providing an alternative cannabis experience. Check out this list for the ultimate cannabis-infused food and drink in the sunny state.

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