Weed Gift Guide for Father's Day

Weed Gift Guide for Father’s Day

Today’s the day for dad’s, so here our ultimate weed gift guide for Father’s Day. Whether he’s your biological dad, adopted dad, inspirational dad, or another family member who played the role of dad- today is the day to celebrate them. As marijuana products get more creative, you have a ton more options when deciding what to spend your money on. Here are some of our absolute favorite tools and cannabis-related toys to make any “dad” smile. This weed gift guide for Father’s Day can also be used for any occasion and for anyone.

The Patient Journal by Goldleaf 

This journal is the ultimate cannabis companion. It’s been specifically designed for medical marijuana patients, but can be very useful for anyone. This beautiful little book gives its users the tools to track the effects of different strains to then achieve the most optimal effects. Many users report that this journal helped them dose properly, microdose and decide what strains to use at what time.

A Disposable Vape Pen

The Disposable Vape Pens by Happy Face Cannabis are pre-filled with 100 puffs of a high-quality cannabis extract. These are perfect for the dads that want to enjoy the benefits of CBD and THC without having to smoke.

A New Strain from Bud Express Now

Here at BudExpress, we’re celebrating Father’s Day by giving you 10% off of your order. This is the perfect time to introduce dad to a new strain. You’ll be able to find the perfect strain no matter what his interests are.

Durban Poison is perfect for the dad’s that like to start their mornings early with physical activity or to get work done from home. It’s an extremely popular pure Sativa that is often referred to as “the espresso of cannabis”. And in fact, a lot of people do use it to replace caffeine consumption.

Coma Kush is an intense indicia for those looking for a deep sleep, but not without intense euphoria first. This is perfect for the dad’s that need a little bit of help relaxing before bed, or to alleviate feelings of anxiety.

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