Weight Loss and Weed

The relationship between cannabis and weight loss is rather perplexing. On one hand, marijuana is known to cause the munchies and at the same time, consumers of weed have smaller waistlines and BMI’s than those who don’t. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) increases appetite by binding to cell receptors in the brain that trigger the release of hunger hormones, so high THC strains are known to make people hungry. CBD on the other hand is known to suppress ones appetite.

Blood Sugar Levels

In a few studies it was found that cannabis can aid in diabetes management and consumers in one particular study were found to have better blood sugar control. There is also a lesser known cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) which improves insulin sensitivity in rats that were studied. So, although not much is known surrounding marijuana and blood sugars (as the research is in it’s early stages), there is definitely a link between marijuana and the control of the hormone insulin.


Although people who smoke weed are known to eat 600 more calories a day than there counterparts, they’re still known to have less belly fat! A recent study showed marijuana users were 54% less likely to develop metabolic syndrome which can lead to diabetes, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waistline and abnormal cholesterol. They’re also less likely to develop heart disease and having strokes, seems like a good reason to try out a few strains


Marijuana is known to expand the mind and creativity of it’s enthusiasts. This will generally lead to cannabis consumers heading out and exploring areas of interest such as going to museums, walking in nature and meeting up with friends, all of which leads to a more active lifestyle. On top of doing things, and you want to shed a few extra pounds, strains of marijuana that have high CBD are always beneficial as they can act as an appetite suppressant.

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