What is Budder and Why Is It So Awesome

What is Budder, and Why Is It So Awesome

There’s a staggering amount of variety when it comes to marijuana products these days. Not only can you buy weed online, but you can also find a range of other products- many of which are even stronger than weed. For instance, many users who want a marijuana product with extra high THC levels for vaping or dabbing buy Budder. So what is Budder and why is it so awesome?

Budder is one of the many types of Marijuana Concentrates available to users today. Marijuana Concentrates are high-THC products made using various processes to extract the most potent parts of weed into highly-concentrated forms. If you’ve never tried Budder, then you’re missing out. Here’s a guide on everything you need to know about Budder.

What Is Budder?

If you’re looking for a soft, easy-to-scoop marijuana extract that contains high levels of THC, then Budder is one of the best products you can buy. Similar to products such as Shatter and Live Resin, Budder is a Marijuana Concentrate that’s made using a complex extraction process to extract the potent THC-packed trichomes from marijuana into a much more powerful product.

Most strains of marijuana have THC levels of around 15-25%, with some being slightly higher or lower. However, Budder is much more potent. Budder extracts often contain over 60% THC and sometimes even as high as 90% THC. As such, you can expect a powerful high even if you only use a small amount of Budder.

While some concentrates are stiff and rigid, Budder has a soft, wax-like consistency that makes it easy to break into small pieces and scoop into a joint, bowl, Vaporizer, or Dab Rig. It’s sometimes also referred to as Batter or Badder, depending on just how soft and batter-like the consistency is. Whichever way, it’s one of the easiest and most satisfying cannabis extracts you can use.

Why Is Budder So Awesome

Why Is Budder So Awesome?

There are plenty of marijuana products out there, so what makes Budder so awesome and why should you use it? Although there are plenty of strains of weed out there for users who want a smooth high and many other convenient THC-infused products, Budder is a great choice for those who enjoy potent marijuana concentrates.

One of the advantages of using Budder is that it’s extremely potent. Some strains of Budder can contain up to 90% THC if extracted effectively, meaning even a fraction of a gram can give you an incredibly potent high. Although many other concentrates pack similarly high levels of THC, Budder is soft and easy to scoop into a small dose when you want to use it.

You can also use Budder in various ways. While you can mix Budder with weed for smoking purposes, some users prefer to use it with a vaporizer or even dab Budder. These methods of consumption can give you an even stronger high than smoking, and whether you’re using it for recreational or medical purposes, you’ll be impressed by the effects.

How To Use Budder

One of the main advantages of Budder is that there are various ways to use it. Whether you’re looking for a quick and simple method of consumption or you want to get the maximum potential out of your Budder, here are some of the best ways to use it.

Smoking Budder in a Joint – Smoking Budder is simple yet effective. When you roll a joint, simply scoop up some small dabs of Budder and mix them into your weed. This’ll enhance your joint significantly and it won’t take much to get an intense high

Using Budder in a Bong or Pipe – You can also add a scoop of Budder to the bowl of your Bong or Pipe as long as it’s on top of weed– this helps it burn smoothly and avoids it sticking to the bowl. This will lead to some incredibly powerful and satisfying hits, so be prepared.

Vaping Budder – Many users would argue that vaporizing Budder is the best option. You’ll need a Marijuana Vaporizer that’s compatible with marijuana concentrates as opposed to a Dry Herb or Oil Vaporizer. However, if you have a compatible device, it’s easy to apply a dab of Budder to the chamber and produce potent THC vapor within minutes.

Dabbing Budder – If you want to get the full potential out of your Budder, you’ll want to try dabbing. This involves using a Dab Rig- a device that usually features a Quartz or Titanium nail capable of withstanding high heat. Heat the dab nail with a blow torch, apply a dab of Budder once the temperature drops slightly, and you’ll get an incredibly strong hit from the mouthpiece.

Where To Buy Budder

Where To Buy Budder

Buying Budder is just as easy as buying other marijuana products. Although you might find it in some local cannabis stores, the most convenient way to get high-quality Budder is to buy it online for convenient home delivery.

You can buy Budder online right here at BudExpressNow for delivery anywhere in Canada. Wedding Cake Budder is a great option for users who want an exceptional high. It’ll give you cerebral euphoria and soothing physical relaxation along with a sweet and satisfying taste.

Alternatively, you might want to try other types of Marijuana Concentrates. Shatter is a rigid, glass-like concentrate that’s just as potent as Budder. Hash is one of the most popular types of concentrates, known for its brick-like consistency. Try mixing these products into a joint, vaping them, or dabbing them for an intense high.


If you’re a fan of high-THC marijuana extracts, then Budder is a must-try product. It offers exceptionally high levels of THC and can be mixed with weed in a joint or bong, vaped, or dabbed for particularly powerful effects. If you want something stronger than weed but not quite as strong as edibles, it’s a great option for you.

Those who want to try Budder for themselves can find it online at BudExpressNow. You can also find a wide range of other products including Marijuana Strains, Concentrates, Tinctures, Edibles, and many more, all available for convenient home delivery anywhere in Canada.


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