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What is Cannabis Shatter?


What is cannabis shatter, and more importantly, how do you use it? Honeycomb, wax, sap, budder and crumble get thrown around to describe this beautifully honey coloured thing. Long story short, shatter is a cannabis extract that holds both THC and CBD, and can impressively hit an 80 per cent cannabinioid count. It’s regarded as one of the purest and cleanest type of extracts, making it worth trying at least once.

What makes shatter so special?

There is one major difference that separates shatter from all other cannabis concentrates. It’s the absence of terpenes. Terpenes are usually very important since it generally determines the quality of a marijuana strain or batch. It’s what makes the flavour and smell of strains so unique to one another. However, in a shatter, terpenes only cause problems like make the shatter too sappy and impossible to harden. So instead, a different method of curing and heating with butane is used.

How do you I shatter?

There are a variety of ways to use cannabis shatter to reach your desired high. Using an oil rig is by far the most popular way to smoke this beautiful glass like marijuana. An oil rig is a glass pipe that resembles a bong with a small mouth piece to hold a nail. Once your nail turns red from the heat of a torch lighter, then use a metal dabber to scoop a bit of shatter onto the head of the nail. Last, inhale the thick air through the long shaft like you would hit from a bong.  If you don’t have a rig, you can always drop a bit of dab into your green bowl or crumble a bit hard into your joint. We recommend these options for your first time trying shatter.

Which shatter should I buy?

At Bud Express, we offer a variety of shatter types from brands like Shatter Master, Seven Star and Osuka. They are made available from sativa, indica and hybrid strains, so it depends what kind of effect you’re looking for.

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