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What is CBD: 4 things we know about CBD

In the last four or five years, cannabis CBD has increased in popularity. But what is it? CBD is short for Cannabidiol. It is a major cannabinoid found in cannabis. You may be more familiar to the cannabinoid THC — the primary psychoactive chemical in cannabis. CBD, on the other hand, has more calming, head-clearing effects. High CBD cannabis is therefore useful for those who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, pain, and other symptoms. It is commonly used by veterans and cancer patients. There is still much research to be done on the cannabinoid.


Here are four things we do know about CBD:


CBD Relieves Anxiety

Although it’s only been recently documented in peer-reviewed studies, , users have reported for many years a decrease in anxiety while consuming CBD-dominant strains. If you’re someone who experiences anxiety after smoking weed, this may be due to its psychoactive components. A CBD product may be more suitable.


Similarly, this cannabinoid is also a good choice for those medicating stress, depression, or generalized anxiety.


CBD Rebuilds and Repairs

Most living creatures on Earth have an endocannabinoid system. It allows us to do a variety of things such as sleep, wake up, change moods, and so forth. Like THC, CBD directly interacts with this system every time it is metabolized; what’s different, however, is that scientists have found that the latter can actually increase our own natural production of endocannabinoids. What this means in the long-term is that we sleep, eat, and function better on a day-to-day basis.


Comes in Oils, Edibles, Plants

There are a million and a half ways to consume CBD, and because of our ability today to synthesize and extract it from plants, consuming CBD products can be totally trip-free. No more parents calling the police because they got way too high!


CBD Relieves Pain

Beyond any other benefit on this list is CBD’s ability to relieve pain. In a world of opioid addiction and pharmaceutical abuse, the usefulness of a non-addictive, highly-effective, plant-based painkiller has never been more necessary. Thankfully, CBD is now being recognized as a viable medicine by many government health organizations across the world.


If you’re interested in trying CBD or want to see more options to include with your established CBD use, check out our wide selection of CBD products.

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