Cannabis Lube

What You Should Know About Cannabis Lube

Pot enthusiasts and first-time users alike swear by cannabis lube. It’s one of the only products focused on a woman’s pleasure during sex (compared to the tons marketed and created for men) on the market today. We think it’s time for you to try it. However, there are varied opinions on whether or not getting high before or during sex enhances the experience. But those in favor passionately swear by bringing pot into the bedroom.


What does weed lube do?

Everyone calls it lube, but its main purpose is not actually to facilitate sex. Instead, it is to be applied prior to intercourse since it can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes to kick in. Lena Davidson, the marketing manager for botanicaSEATTLE says it would most accurately be called “sensual weed oil” instead of a “cannabis lube”. They are almost always oil based and sometimes come in the form of a spray, the most popular being FIORA. These oils work similarly to edibles, as the THC inside them reacts with our bodies cannabinoid receptors. When applied, the THC widens the blood vessels and increases blood flow in and around the vagina which then also increases sensitivity. The analgesic properties can also make penetration less painful for women. You wont experience a head high using them, but rather what Davidson calls “localized sensations of pleasure.”

Is weed lube safe?

None of the cannabis oils are compatible with latex condoms. This is because oil weakens latex, which means condoms are likely to break. Use these products with a partner you know and trust, or get your hands on some latex free condoms. There is no evidence to suggest these products can cause any harm if they are applied topically as directed. If ingested though, they may cause psychoactive effects.

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