What’s the Difference Between Marijuana Wax and Shatter

What’s the Difference Between Marijuana Wax and Shatter?

If the novelty of smoking weed has worn off and you want something stronger, then you’ll want to check out cannabis concentrates. These are high-THC cannabis extracts made using various extraction processes. Some popular examples include products such as Hash, Live Resin, and Budder. However, two of the best concentrates to use are marijuana Wax and Shatter.

Wax and Shatter are both amber-colored cannabis concentrates packed with extra high levels of THC. Both can be used in various ways, such as adding them to a joint or bowl, vaporizing them or dabbing them. However, there are also some key differences between these two quality cannabis concentrates. Here’s a guide to the difference between marijuana Wax and Shatter.

What is Marijuana Wax?

Wax is one of the strongest types of cannabis concentrates available on the market. It gets its name from its pliable, wax-like texture. It’s often compared to a glob of earwax, although it’s a yellowish-amber color as it comes from extracting the THC from weed to make a high-quality cannabis extract.

Marijuana Wax is made by taking a high quantity of weed and “blasting” it with butane. As such, it’s often also referred to as Butane Hash Oil. After being put in a glass tube and blasted with butane, you get the soft, amber, wax-like substance that’s packed with high levels of THC. Although Wax can be made at home, it’s highly dangerous and it’s best to buy high-quality Wax made with lab equipment.

Much like any other cannabis concentrate, Marijuana Wax can be made out of any strain of marijuana and shares the same effects. However, it contains THC levels of around 80-90%, meaning the effects will be much more intense. Wax shines in its ease-of-use. It’s soft, waxy texture makes it easy to scoop up a dab of wax to use in a joint, bong, vaporizer or dab rig.

What is Marijuana Wax

What is Marijuana Shatter?

Shatter is another particularly powerful concentrated form of marijuana. It’s also one of the most popular cannabis concentrates you can find. Shatter is known for its rigid, glass-like texture. It’s amber in color and usually has holes all over, similar to a slice of cheddar cheese. It gets its name as it’ll easily Shatter when pressure is applied to it, and you can use the pieces in various ways.

Similar to Wax, Shatter is made using a solvent-based extraction process. Marijuana buds are blasted with butane to separate the trichomes from the plant. The resulting product is then heated to purge the solvents and other contaminants. Making Shatter is a little harder than making Wax, requiring precision and heat to make a stable and potent cannabis product.

Marijuana Shatter is considered one of the strongest and purest types of cannabis concentrates. With high THC levels of 80% and up, it only takes a small piece of Shatter for a powerful high, and it can be extracted from any strain of marijuana to enhance the effects. You can take a small piece of Shatter and use it in joints, smoke it in a bong or pipe, vape it or dab it.

What’s the Difference Between Marijuana Wax and Shatter?

In some ways, Marijuana Wax and Marijuana Shatter are very similar. Both of these amber-colored concentrates contain extremely high THC levels, up to four times as high as Marijuana Flower. They can also both be used in the same ways, whether you prefer to mix them with weed in a joint or bowl or vaporize them. However, there are also some key differences.

The most notable difference between these two products is their consistency. Wax is softer and more pliable than Shatter, making it particularly easy to scoop up a piece and mix it with other products such as Weed. However, Shatter’s harder form is because the molecules are more stable, and many find that Shatter is often also purer and stronger.

Wax is a little easier to use and beginners may prefer it to Shatter. With that said, Shatter generally has a better shelf-life than Wax and it can also be broken apart for use in various ways. Shatter might be a little easier to find, but both can easily be bought online. Both will give you a sensational high and it’s worth trying both out to see which one you prefer.

Where To Buy Marijuana Wax and Shatter

Where To Buy Marijuana Wax and Shatter

Although many cannabis stores sell cannabis concentrates, the best way to buy Marijuana Wax and Shatter is online. You can find an enormous range of high-quality cannabis products at great prices when you buy online. What’s more, you can get all of these products delivered directly to your address with no hassle whatsoever.

You can buy Shatter, Wax, and other Cannabis Concentrates are available to buy online from BudExpressNow.ca. Various strains are available, each offering unique effects. For instance, you might want to try out popular strains such as Rockstar, Headband, and Critical Kush in concentrated, high-THC form.

How To Use Wax and Shatter

No matter which cannabis concentrate you prefer, you have various options when it comes to consumption. Keep in mind that these products are much stronger than weed and you should start with a tiny amount to see how the effects hit you.

One of the most popular ways to use Wax or Shatter is to mix them with weed. You can mix some Wax into your joint or put some small pieces or a line of Shatter on top. Alternatively, you can mix some Wax or Shatter into the bowl of your bong or pipe with Weed. Weed helps the extracts burn and you’ll get stronger effects as a result.

You can also vape Wax or Shatter, provided that you have a Vaporizer compatible with cannabis concentrates. Vaping gives you less harsh smoke and purer effects. Alternatively, you may even want to get a Dab Rig. Dabbing is a process that involves heating a Quartz nail with a blow torch, applying a Dab, and taking an intensely powerful hit.


If you want to try Marijuana Concentrates, Wax and Shatter are both top choices. Wax is softer and easier to use whereas Shatter is more stable and will likely last longer. Either way, these products contain potent THC levels of 80% and up and can be mixed with weed, vaped in a vaporizer or used with a dab rig. You can find all the concentrates and cannabis products you need at BudExpressNow.ca.


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