Which Countries is Marijuana Popular?

Which Countries is Marijuana Popular?

It seems that as time goes on, the public opinion on marijuana becomes more and more positive. Many people are now discovering the wide range of medical benefits cannabis brings, and the enjoyable recreational effects don’t hurt either. It’s especially popular in Canada now that it’s legal, but that’s far from the only place where there’s a huge cannabis culture. So which countries is marijuana popular?

The laws on marijuana across the world vary greatly. Legalization is growing, but even in some countries where marijuana is decriminalized or even illegal, there’s still a lot of buzz around cannabis. Here are the countries where marijuana is popular- you might want to visit if you’re a weed enthusiast.


While it’s not the first country to legalize weed, the cannabis market in Canada has taken off big time. Even before legalization, there was already a huge cannabis culture, especially in big cities like Montreal and Vancouver. Marijuana has only become more popular since, with statistics from StatCan showing that more people are beginning to try it.

Cannabis is perfectly acceptable across the country. It’s also more accessible than ever. You can now buy flower, concentrates, oils, and pre-rolled joints from one of the many marijuana stores in Canada. It’s even easier to buy weed online in Canada with many online stores offering convenient delivery to any adult in the country. Most provinces require you to be 19, but in Alberta and Quebec, even 18-year-olds can get their hands on legal weed.

Marijuana is especially popular in provinces like Calgary and Ontario, but it’s catching on across the rest of the country too. Tourists can even come and sample some of the finest Canadian weed. With a laid-back attitude to marijuana and plenty of ways to buy it, Canada has quickly become one of the best countries in the world for marijuana.

countries where marijuana is popular - united states

United States

The United States is becoming more and more accepting of marijuana. There are now 10 states where you can buy weed for recreational purposes- Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington. It’s also legal in Washington D.C., and Illinois is soon to follow with recreational sales becoming legal in January 2020.

Many of the states where recreational use is still illegal have their own medical marijuana programs. The health benefits of marijuana are widely recognized and it’s often given to patients with debilitating conditions to help with their symptoms.

Places like California and Colorado have become huge international hotspots for weed. As long as you’re 21, you can shop at all kinds of marijuana stores and sample everything from high-quality strains to tasty edibles. The popularity of marijuana is also growing, with research estimating the US cannabis market will hit $26 billion by 2025. Although some states are a little behind, the country as a whole is definitely one of the most popular for weed.


You might be surprised to find out marijuana is actually illegal in the Netherlands. However, there are various complex laws which make the sale and purchase of it easier. Coffee shops are able to stock marijuana, selling it isn’t punishable by law, and police generally turn a blind eye to cannabis use. Because of this, Amsterdam residents can get weed without any legal trouble whatsoever.

Of course, the main reason why Holland is so popular for weed is because of Amsterdam. The vibrant city is the biggest international hotspot for weed tourists with around 25-30% of tourists visiting a coffee shop while they’re there. You can also find marijuana-friendly hotels, cannabis cafes, and other businesses revolving specifically around cannabis in the Netherlands. It’s one of the most popular countries for cannabis culture by far.

countries where marijuana is popular - netherlands


Cannabis culture and Jamaican culture go hand-in-hand. The use of weed was decriminalized in 2015, but even before then, citizens had no reservations on smoking weed. The country even has a law which allows Rastafarians to use as much weed as they want for religious purposes.

Cannabis tourism is also big. In fact, hit the beaches here and you’re guaranteed to be approached by dealers selling weed for surprisingly cheap prices. If you want to take in amazing weather and enjoy quality weed, Jamaica is one of the best countries to visit.


This one may come as a surprise. Israel isn’t on many tourist’s maps when it comes to cannabis hotspots and marijuana isn’t quite legal, yet according to data 27% of the adult population have tried weed and 22.4% see it as a low-risk or risk-free substance.

Things are likely to get even better for cannabis users in the country as Israel decriminalized weed use a couple of months ago. There are still some fairly strict penalties and it’s not a country you should visit to try weed, but marijuana is surprisingly popular there.

countries where marijuana is popular - Spain


Spain is another country with great weather, great culture, and great cannabis. Weed is illegal in many parts of the country, but the sale, purchase, and use of weed are legal in Catalonia- the region with many of the country’s top tourist hotspots.

Citizens and tourists are now able to buy weed legitimately via a range of cannabis clubs. Marijuana is becoming more commonly accepted and many parts of the country have a vibrant cannabis culture with many people partaking.


Another country which many people might not expect. Iceland actually has fairly strict laws against marijuana use, yet according to data, it’s one of the countries where marijuana is the most popular with around 18.3% of the population lighting up.

Of course, having a population of just under 350,000 might help skew the statistics a little, but cannabis culture still seems to be prevalent here. It’s also a big city for marijuana tourism- an Icelandic report stated many visitors find ways to have pot delivered to them at the airport. Plus, with great travel links, many people use it as a stepping stone to hotspots in the US and Canada.

countries where marijuana is popular - Iceland


The acceptance and legalization of weed is growing worldwide and there are now many countries where marijuana is popular in one way or another. In addition to some listed above, it’s also legal in countries such as Uruguay, Georgia, and South Africa. There’s also a big pot culture in countries like the Czech Republic, France, Australia, and many others. As time goes on, expect legalization to catch on in more places around the world.


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