Why Does Cannabis Cause Paranoia in Some But Helps Anxiety in Others

Why Does Cannabis Cause Paranoia in Some But Helps Anxiety in Others?

Among its many other medical benefits, cannabis is now commonly used for relieving anxiety. A study found that smoking cannabis can help users significantly reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, and many patients now use cannabis to help with their anxiety disorders. But while some users find it eases their mind, others report that cannabis makes them paranoid. So why does cannabis cause paranoia in some but helps anxiety in others?

Although cannabis can help anxiety in many cases, there are many factors that you need to keep in mind. For instance, while a small dose of cannabis can relax your mind, higher doses might cause you to become nervous, uncomfortable, and anxious. The strain you use can also make a difference- especially as some are stronger than others. Here are some of the most common reasons why cannabis causes paranoia in some but helps anxiety in others.

The Amount You Use Can Make A Difference

One of the biggest factors that can either help with anxiety levels or exacerbate them is the amount of cannabis you use. When you smoke weed, every hit you take will result in the effects becoming stronger. While some users know their limits and know when to stop, some users might end up smoking far too much.

It’s important to be careful about how much marijuana you use each session. When you’re in a happy and euphoric state of mind, you might be tempted to smoke more to enhance these enjoyable effects. However, this can often have the opposite effect- instead of becoming more relaxed, the effects can become overwhelming and result in increased anxiety and paranoia.

The frequency of your marijuana use can also have an impact. Users who only smoke a little marijuana now and then to help ease their symptoms will likely find it much more helpful. Those who smoke regularly and use marijuana as a crutch for their symptoms might eventually find that it worsens them instead of helping. Make sure you use marijuana in moderation and combine it with other anxiety treatments if you’re dealing with severe anxiety.

 Different Strains Have Different Effects

Different Strains Have Different Effects

Another factor that can make a significant difference to your cannabis-smoking experience is the strain you use. There are now tons of marijuana strains available to buy, and each strain differs slightly when it comes to appearance, smell, taste, and most importantly, the kind of effects they induce.

One of the biggest distinctions between strains is whether they’re an indica, sativa, or hybrid strain. Indica strains are usually considered the best strains for relaxing your mind and your body, making them great for counteracting issues such as stress and anxiety. Sativa strains are known for stimulating your mind, and while they may help in small doses, some users might find the effects overstimulating to the point that they increase their anxiety. Hybrid strains contain a balance between indica and sativa genetics, making them well-rounded for medical use.

You should also check the THC and CBD levels of the strain you use. THC is the cannabinoid that induces the psychoactive effects of marijuana and, as such, high-THC strains can swiftly cause paranoia and anxiety if you smoke too much. High-CBD strains are much more helpful, especially as CBD can relieve anxiety and counteract the strong psychoactive effects of THC.

Cannabis Effects Every User Differently

It’s also important to note that, no matter what kind of strain you use, and how much you use, the effects of cannabis hit every user differently. That means that even if you smoke the same amount as your friend, they might experience a positive, anxiety-free high whereas you might suffer from anxiety and paranoia.

This can often come down to your tolerance. Users with a higher tolerance for THC will likely find the effects of marijuana much easier to handle. Beginner users might experience some mild anxiety the first time they use cannabis but find it calming and relaxing as they get used to the effects.

While being mindful of how much you smoke and what strains you use can help, some users might find that cannabis spikes their anxiety and paranoia no matter what. In this case, it’s best to avoid cannabis and try using CBD products instead as these can provide many of the same perks without the psychoactive side effects.

Best Cannabis Strains To Help Anxiety And Avoid Paranoia

Best Cannabis Strains To Help Anxiety And Avoid Paranoia

Sometimes avoiding paranoia while using cannabis is all about picking the right strain. Some strains are more mentally relaxing than others, making them great for anxiety, whereas others might be too stimulating for some users. Here are some of the best cannabis strains to use for anxiety.

Blue Dream – Blue Dream is just as relaxing and tranquil as it sounds. Although it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with fairly high THC levels, the effects come on slowly and help boost your mood while simultaneously helping you relax. This makes it a top pick for anxiety, stress, depression, pain, and various other ailments.

Platinum OG – If you need a heavy-hitting strain that’ll help you relax, Platinum OG is a great choice. This strain relaxes your body and your mind, making it hard to worry about anything. You’ll likely find yourself feeling sedated and couch-locked, but this makes it great for evenings when you want to chill out and eventually drift off.

Huckleberry – With mild THC levels and 50/50 indica to sativa genetics, Huckleberry is one of the best cannabis strains for relieving anxiety and avoiding paranoia. This strain is relaxing without being too overwhelming, helping counteract all kinds of anxiety, stress, and pain. It also has a delicious taste that makes it all the more enjoyable to smoke or vape.


There are various reasons why cannabis causes paranoia in some but helps anxiety in others. The type of strain you use can have an impact, as can the amount you use. What’s more, cannabis hits everyone differently and some are simply more predisposed to paranoia than others. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of great strains that can induce an enjoyable and relaxing high. You can also check out other types of cannabis products or even use CBD products if you want to avoid the effects of THC. You can find all of these online and more at BudExpressNow.


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