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Will There Be a Cannabis Shortage Come Canadian Legalization?

Marijuana in Canada is supposed to be legalized by June 2018. Between the number of Canadians who already smoke, those that will try it for the first time, and the medical demands, the big question is: will there be enough weed? This questions is being asked by by all cannabis consumers and as it stands right now, Health Canada is asking growers to prioritize medical patients who rely on the drug for everything from chronic pain to insomnia.

Will Canada run out of weed?

There are many factors that come into play regarding the supply and demand needs of Canadians, it also depends who you ask. One organization that represents medical marijuana patients says the government needs to ensure that sick people won’t be at risk when the market opens up to a flood of social users. Private growers licensed by Health Canada who sell to medical users will also supply the recreational market. Many growers are expanding as fast as they can and Health Canada is approving licenses more quickly to fill the need. Even with this push for expansion, many analysts say there won’t be enough marijuana for everyone by July 2018. Some argue that there will be no shortage, just certain strains will be out of stock temporarily.

Will medical users be prioritized?

Medical patients are advocating they should be first in line if/when there’s a weed shortage. A recent poll suggests that 6 million Canadians will try marijuana for the first time, once it’s legalized. That’s a huge demand considering with that type of demand, licenced producers are expected to grow by 20-30 times in the span of just one year. Health Canada said it expects growers will “prioritize sales to individuals who require cannabis for medical purposes over non-medical sales.” But as for now, there is no law outlining that medical users will get priority. Tweed’s parent company, Canopy Growth Corp., has promised that sales to any patients signed up by July 1, 2018 will be given priority over recreational cannabis sales.

How long will it take until Canadian growers can supply pot for the entire country?

Depending how fast the Canadian Government can issue growing licenses will determine when the supply can fulfill the demand. There is also no sure way to predict exactly what that demand will look like until legalization occurs in June 2018. One analyst estimates that the ability to adequately fulfill the needs of both the recreational and medical markets should happen by 2020. A great option until all of these rules are official is BudExpress !

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